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PostSubject: [OFFICIAL]GENERAL FORUM RULES   Sat Jul 02, 2011 11:08 am


1. No Bashing or Offensive Remarks
  • Never, as in NEVER bash on any members of SunnyHill.
  • No bashing on fellow members of this forum.
  • Bashing includes but is not limited to: swearing, racist and sexist remarks.
  • Always respect other forum members.

2. No Pornograpic Images or Sexually Explicit Material .
  • This forum may have members who are still under age.

3. Spamming or double-posting of any kind is prohibited.
  • All posts MUST contain at least ten words minimum. Otherwise it is considered spam.
  • Do NOT post the same thing in every single thread.
  • Emoticon(s) are excluded in word count.
  • If you have accidentally double posted, simply PM one of the moderators or directly to your admin SunShineHill
  • DO NOT quote someone's text and have less than 10 words of your own

4. Do Not Quote Images
  • Quoting images takes too much space and may slow down image loading for dial up users.
  • Simply take out the image code: [IMG][/IMG] when quoting images.

5. Follow Specific Forum Rules
  • General Rules is applicable to all forums but keep in mind that there are specific set of rules for each subforum.

6. Post in English Only!
  • Since this is an international forum so it uses English as the International Language.
  • You can use your own language but make sure to Translate.

7. Always Credit!
  • Please credit sunnyhillint. forum when taking out news/translations/videos/audio (etc) from this forum.
  • When posting articles or multimedia make sure to credit your source.

    Quote :
    Source: -where you got the article-
    Translator: -person who translated the article-
    Credit&Shared By: -your username- @ sunnyhillint. forums

    Source: -where you got the article-
    Credit&Shared By: -your username- @ sunnyhillint. forums

    Source: -where you got the article-
    Shared By: -your username-
    Credit: sunnyhillint. forums

8. Signature/Avatar Rule

Signature Rule:
MAX Signature size: 450 (width) x 250 (height). When using gif images make sure it doesn't exceed 150kb to avoid delay in loading images.
MAX Text: 6 lines of text, 3 lines of text if you use a larger size than the normal one
MAX Images: 2 banners or 6 icons (3 icons = 1 banner)

Avatar Rules:
Displays a small graphic image.
Only one image can be displayed at a time
Maximum width:150 pixels
Maximum height:150 pixels
Maximum size: 64 KB

9. One Account Only
  • One account per member, however name changes are fine.

10. Name Changes
Please contact any of the staff or the Admin SunShineHill

11. Advertising
  • Do not advertise/mention other fan forums/fan sites in the shoutbox, in your comments and or new topics as this is not your personal advertising space.
  • You can advertise other fansites by posting links or link images in your SIGNATURE!

How to make link images in your signature: Just Follow the code below

[url= your website adress here ][img] the link of your image here [/img][/url]


Using all caps is not allowed.

Bashing, is not allowed. Please keep it friendly!

Do not advertise products/forums/etcs in the chatbox
Mentioning them is okay.
Do not link outside forum, advertisement of another forum can be posted in your signatures. See how to make an image link in your signature above.

No Swearing
Please do not swear in the chatbox. There's members of all ages here!

Do not change your font color/bold/italics or etc.
BB code is not allowed. It's irritating to the eyes.
Breaking one these rules will get you a warning.

And with this said. Be friendly to other members.
And have fun!


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